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Hi there! I'm so happy you're here!

Well, let's start at the beginning!


I was born in the Caucasus Mountains of Tbilisi, Georgia and was raised in the suburbs of Washington, DC by my two best friends/parents. When my parents adopted me at six months old, my mom called my grandmother and said "MOM! We got a smiley one!". It's proven true ever since! How could I not?! I believe that life is a gift and that REAL joy can be found in every day.


I won't get too much into that actor-y stuff here. You can see that on my resume. I will say that as an artist, I am interested in creating content for change. As artists, it is our job to tell stories that INSPIRE and influence audiences, and there is great power and responsibility in that.

Throughout the pandemic, I have been creating content to do just that on TikTok, with my political musical satires gaining millions of views and over 8,000 followers. It's been really fun and fulfilling to feel that I'm combining my passions for art and activism on such a creative platform!





I'm currently based in Washington, DC and filling my days with family, content creation, and registering as many people as possible for vaccines! (150+ so far)

Stay safe. Stay curious. Stay JOYFUL!

Thank you for stopping by!

- Ezra




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